Metaphysical Art Explained
by Adam Blatner

Posted September2, 2013

In addition to the complexity of the cosmos is the great mystery of its inter-connections. There are many types of inter-connections. Things aren't connected in some dry, abstract fashion, note first. They give to each other, and get something by giving. At a certain level---and every parent knows this---it's fun to give. One fuses a bit with the process and vicariously enjoys the getting as one gives.

So, taking off from this, one kind of connection is the metaphor of the babe suckling at the breast. In a strange way, there's a giving-ness as the baby sprout that will become another tree unfolds from the mating of seed and earth. In the picture below, a myriad of forms unfold in their larval stage from their "nipple" sources. The maternal sources in turn derive their sustenance, their grounding, their resources, in deeper wells of unfolding. The cosmos is a Mother-Goddess in this sense, constantly nurturing its creative becoming-ness---in far more ways than can be pictured here.

Now what is important is that this is but one type of connection---the nurturing connection. Picture a mother of a dozen babies, or the queen bee surrounded by scores of nursemaid bees who carry the eggs and secretions, the royal jelly, to the hexagonal chambers prepared for them in the hive. There are innumerable forms of nurturance---it happens even in galaxies that give birth to new stars. There's what happens on the surface, in time and space, and also what emerges in process, involving energies humans barely know about or understand.

The thing to thrill about is that you, too, are surrounded by angels as you give birth to a goodly number of dances, songs, relational strokings, many different ways you give to the world. Others, meanwhile, give in their own way, and get what they need to give. It's quite glorious and psychedelic, I assure you.

There are friend connections, and peaceful enemies that play with you or challenge you to exert yourself. There are, alas, in an immature universe, still a great many terribly unfriendly enemies who connect while generating many kinds of negative combat, defense, and other maneuvers. These are also connections of innumerable other kinds, and that's the point here! Stretch your mind!