Metaphysical Art Explained
by Allee and Adam Blatner

Posted September 10, 2013

You may have noticed that hermeneutics, the art of interpretation, can produce different interpretations for the same symbol, and so it is with this.


Pregnant with potentials in their convex and concave respirations, the basic diamond shape is profound, because its triangle-fold abilility contains the ultimate potentials for replication (as does DNA). The symbolic "squiggles" in the diamonds repreesetnt the potentiality for permeating the interior of self-creating forms at a different level. Form has to confirm with laws and principles, but the energy within is dancing and free.


These symbols within the diamonds are caricatures of what modern cosmo-physicists refer to as "strings." They are right, but only have hold of a tiny tail of the truth, as did Columbus when he landed on his third voyage on the actual continental land mass of the Americas. Before that it was all islands. Plus he hardly recognized what it is he "discovered."

The squiggles expand over what might be imagined a three-dimensional spherical surface, as suggested by perspective. But this is meant to suggest that even if we accept this as a projection into two dimensions of what is really more multi-dimensional, even then illusions of higher dimensions intrude.

Another aspect of this pouring-forth is the odd process of seemingly limitless variation, as suggested in other pictures in this series. Infinite variation is part of the Divine Play, as found in the never-the-same innards of seeds and sperm. With atoms as building blocks, variations of contaminating other atoms are present in any aggregate of ten thousand and they're always in a different location---meaning that everything is unique. Even electrons don't follow precise orbits!