Metaphysical Art Explained
by Adam Blatner

Posted September 14, 2013

Yet another metaphor for the way the Expanding, Becoming Everything, the Source, the Beyond that exhilarate the mystics, what some call God (but distinctly not a person-like being with all the faults accompanying the limitations of our species), is that it "plays," in the sense of unendingly experiments. It plays with the way it forms galaxies and stars, never-ending in their variety, with new variations being formed every instant. (Indeed! Do the math! If there are a minimum of four hundred billion galaxies and an average of two hundred billion star systems in every galaxy, that number quite sufficient to imagine that at any given moment there are new planets being born, other worlds are coming to life, and on other worlds life is coming into consciousness!)

Now the way it all works is that not just stars are being born, but individual beings and cells and bacteria and everything---all emerging as marvelous complexes, radiating out not light that we can see, but the passion to be alive. This is a kind of light, too. And stars and planets and beings are incredibly complex, and the complexities are even more complex often in ways that we don't even yet know about.

It's all not just "for" the glory of God, but it is God becoming more Godly, the becomingness is a big part. Part of this is also lots and lots of dying, which, because we are deeply programmed to value life, seems like a bad thing. But it's no worse than finishing one writing project and starting another. The idea that we are entitled to eternal life is a psychotically entitled, narcissistic, egocentric view of the real big world. Rather, we should enjoy the magnificence of the becoming and be ever so grateful that we have been lucky enough to be living in a time in the great Sweep of Time when we could begin to become aware of the high privilege of being in a culture and with a brain that can glimpse at this great glory---and know that in that glimpsing, that is more than any being on this planet or even within the radius of many light years, our species has attained an advance thus far.

Let's not mess it up with our stupidity.