by Adam Blatner

Posted September 20, 2013

This is a view of the world and the human-type species, embedded in the thick covering of your own beliefs. You are but the smallest eye-markings and all the rest of each figure is the secreted matrix.

Just recently you’ve learned that many microbes in the world generate mucus matrices around it  through which it protects itself and conducts business. These “microfilms” tend to resist dissolution and rinsing—that’s why you need to floss your gums. Humans are similarly stuck in  a matrix of fiction and legend, symbols and stories, and this is their reality. This drawing sort of hints at that big globby stuckness of your world, as viewed from our inter-dimensional perspective.

You humans are learning, you’re improving, you’re evolving, your capable of recognizing more and more the complexity of your world.  You’ve only this last century gotten that humanity is constructing  a noosphere, a blanket of knowledge, stories, connections that are the content of all media. They also fill your minds. Know, then, that these messages are seductive and distracting and get you believing in their stories as what is significant. Will my team win, in sports or war? What are the celebrities wearing? What looks cool and attractive? Can I get a promotion? What would be even better?

The thing to note is that stuck-ness is a property of the density of matter which is just the way the world is. We are working with matter to make it more transparent, lighter, more flexible. This is one aspect of evolution.