Metaphysical Art Explained
"Cosmic YES-AND..."
by Adam Blatner

Posted September 21, 2013

This is a stylized "valentine" from the cosmic heights. It's a simple message: "Yes, and...." In other words: Do your thing. Add some creativity. Surprise me. Ride with me! I want you to be the most of what you can be, without your having to force yourself to be someone else, thinking you're busy doing holy work and denying it value of your own individuality.

Your are unique in the cosmos, the confluence of many archetypes, plus the unifying illusion that you are just you. But that's not so: You are all parts getting oriented and coordinated and really that's as complex a challenge as any high-powered chess game!

So take this Valentine from the Source and know that there's a "yes" behind your life, a real interest, an audience for your improv. It's a big-bang-bloomin' blossoming that reminds you that every moment in the present here-and-now you are interesting and loved, and your being can enrich the lives of those who depend on you and many who lives you impact---hopefully for the better. Another title for this if the aforementioned meaning didn't get through is that the "heart-opening" that you're learning to do in the present moment might yet mirror the "heart-opening" of God.