Adam Blatner's Professional Presentations

(Prior to 1994)

Re-Posted July 8, 2010

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Psychodramatic Methods in Transpersonal Psychotherapy. Association for Transpersonal Psychology Conference. Asilomar, Monterey CA,  August 29, 1993.

Using Psychodramatic Methods in Conflict Resolution; Theoretical  Foundations of  Psychodrama; Psychological Literacy: A Goal for the  21st Century (poster); (and)  Psychodramatic Methods in Family Therapy (poster). International Association for Group Psychotherapy Triennial Convention, Montreal, August 23-28, 1992.

Envisioning Applications of Moreno's Principles in the 21st Century. ASGPP Conference, New York City, May 30, 1992.

Teaching Empathy through Role Playing (symposium on The Arts in  Medicine). American Psychiatric Association Annual Convention,  Washington, DC, May 5, 1992.

Psychodramatic Methods in Family Therapy (half-day workshop).  American Academy of  Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Annual Convention  San Fransisco, October 20, 1991.

Creating Your Living: Applying Psychodramatic Methods in Everyday Life (one day course); (and) Theoretical Foundations of  Psychodrama and the Creative Arts Therapies. ASGPP Conference,
  Pasadena, May 30-June 2, 1991.

Depression in Childhood, Co-Chairman (symposium). American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting, New Orleans, May, 1991.

Singin' For the Fun of It; (and) Dancing and the Spirit. Council Grove Conference, sponsored by the Voluntary Controls Program of  the Menninger Foundation, April 2-3, 1991.
An Encounter With Those Not Present: A Psychodrama and Poetry Therapy Experience;  The Art of Play: An Approach to Role Development; (and) Theoretical Foundations of
  Creative Arts  Therapies. National Coalition of Arts Therapy Associations (NCATA) Convention, Washington, DC, November 1-5, 1990.

The Final Encounter: A Technique for Facilitating Grief Work.  National Conference on Thanatology, Louisville, October 26, 1990.

Playfulness and Empathy-Building in Medical Education. American Association of Medical Colleges (regional meeting), Louisville,  April 28, 1990.

Psychodramatic Methods & Creativity; The Art of Play.  Council Grove Conference, Voluntary Controls Program of the Menninger Foundation, April 14-16, 1990.

Theoretical Basis of Drama Therapy. NADT Annual Conference, Pittsburgh, November, 1989.

Culture and Creativity: Some Psychological Observations on the Role of Drama in Education  (keynote presentation). International Drama in Education Symposium, Toronto, May, 1989.

Role Dynamics: A Theoretical Foundation for Psychodrama & Other Forms of Psychotherapy (invited presentation). ASGPP Moreno Centennial Celebration, New York City, May, 1989.

 Role Dynamics. NADT Conference, Los Angeles, November 5, 1988.

Psychodrama & Drama Therapy in The Creative Arts in Therapy (symposium).
  American Psychological Association Annual Convention, Atlanta, August 15, 1988.
Applications of Role Theory in Psychotherapy. ASGPP Annual Conference, San Diego, California,  May 1988.

Cultivating Spontaneity. NADT Annual Conference,  San Francisco, Nov. 1986. 

Psychodrama, Poetry Therapy, and Grief Work. National Association of Poetry Therapy Annual  Conference, Washington, DC, May, 1986.
Psychodrama (co-faculty with Zerka Moreno). The Evolution of Psychotherapy (an international conference), Phoenix, AZ, December 1985.

Psychodrama and Science: A Symposium (discussant). American Psychological Association Annual Conference, Washington, DC,  August, 1969.

The Place of Action Methods in Treatment (panel). American Association of Psychiatric Clinics for Children,  Boston, MA, November, 1969.

Presentations -- Local or Regional Professional Groups (Prior to 1995):

Psychodramatic Explorations. Workshop. Louisville, May 13-14, 1994.

Psychodramatic Methods in Psychotherapy. Fifth Annual Mental Health Institute,  Louisville, October 5, 1993.

The Art of Play: Helping Adults Reclaim Imagination and Spontaneity.
   * Health Awareness Week, University of Louisville Medical School, August 1990-1993.

   * Lifespring Mental Health Service, Jeffersonville, IN, June,1988.

Accessing Physician's Care. Impact Program, Kentucky Department of  Mental Health, Covington, KY,  June 11, 1993.

Axiodrama: Psychodramatic Methods in Spiritual Development (lecture  and one day course). California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS),  San Francisco, May 21-22, 1993.

Psychodramatic Methods in Family Therapy. CPC Hospital,  Belmont, CA, May 21, 1993.

New Trends in Psychodrama (one day course). Ball State University, Counseling Department, Muncie, IN, April 4, 1993.

Psychodramatic Methods in Family Therapy. UofL Fam. Therapy Program,  February 7, 1993.

Moreno's Vision: Sixty Years Later. CIIS,  San Francisco, November 9, 1992.

Action Methods for Cost-Effective Treatment (workshop). Fourth Annual  Mental Health Institute, Louisville, October 9, 1992.

Psychodrama Methods in Psychotherapy. Kentucky Society for Clinical Social Work,  Louisville, June 14, 1992.

Psychodramatic Methods in Family Therapy (workshop).  Austin, TX, April 10-11, 1992.

Psychodramatic Methods in Family Therapy (one day workshop).  Louisville, February 8, 1992.

Psychodramatic Methods in Group Work (one day workshop). Kentucky Association of  Specialists in Group Work (KASGY), November 1, 1991.

Role Flexibility: An Approach to Creative Consciousness (lecture and one day workshop). California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), San Francisco, October 11-12, 1991.

Psychodynamics (two lectures to upper-division psychology classes). Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, CA, October 14-15, 1991.

Intermediate Psychodrama (one day workshop). Louisville, Oct.5, 1991.

Developing Methods for Treating the Family in the '90s (opening address). Norton Psychiatric Clinic Annual Symposium, Louisville, May 10, 1991.

Psychodramatic Methods in Group Psychotherapy;& Adolescent Group Therapy (workshops). Tri-State Group Psychotherapy Society Regional Conference, Louisville, April 26, 1991.

Psychodrama for Pastoral Counselors (semester course). Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Louisville, February 22-April 14, 1991.

The History of Modern Psychotherapy. Innominate Society for the History of Medicine, Louisville, March 12, 1991.

Psychodramatic Methods in Psychotherapy (one day workshop). Louisville, October 13, 1990.

Psychodramatic Methods in Family Therapy. Family Forum, Louisville, October 2, 1990.
Psychodramatic Methods and Jungian Therapy (one day workshop). Rollins College Department of Counseling Psychology, Orlando, FL, September 4, 1990.

Psychodrama. Jefferson Hospital, Jeffersonville, IN, August 28, 1990.
Role Development, Play, and Empathy Training (symposium on Humanism in Medicine). Society for Family Medicine, October 12, 1989.
    - Also presented to University of Louisville Department of Psychiatry Grand Rounds, November 30, 1989.
Diagnosis in Child Psychiatry. Lifespring Mental Health Clinic, Jefferson, IN, April 19, 1989.

Liberating Spontaneity. Jewish Family and Vocational Counseling Services,  Louisville,  Feb 24, 1989.

Diagnosis in Inpatient Treatment. Rivendell Hospital, Bowling Green, KY, December 9, 1988.

Action Methods in Family Therapy (workshop). Advances in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Louisville, November 17, 1988.

Psychodramatic Methods in Adolescent Treatment. Our Lady of Peace Hospital, April, 1988.

Action Methods in Counseling. Department of Educational Psychology, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky, February 1988.

Developing Creativity in Gifted Children. Department of Education, UofL,  February 1988.

Early Detection of Child Psychiatric Problems. Association of Labor-Management Administrators and Consultants on Alcoholism, Louisville, January 1988.

Psychodramatic Methods in Treatment. Hill Country Hospital, San Antonio, Texas,  December 1987.

Multi-Modal Therapy and Action Techniques in Therapy. Austin State Hospital, Staff Development Courses, Summer 1984.

Professional and Community Seminars on Parenting Techniques, Stress Management, Professional Burn-Out, History of Medicine,  Reading Disability, Hyperactivity,  Treatment of the Chronically
   Mentally Ill, etc. to various groups. 1973-1985.

Psychodrama Workshops:
  Quaesitor, Center for Personal Growth, London, 1970-1972.
  Center for the Healing Arts, Westwood (Los Angeles), Jan. 1973.
  Weekend Workshop, Adolescent Treatment Center Staff, March 1974.
Psychodrama Workshops, cont’d.
  American Society for Group Psychotherapy & Psychodrama, April, 1974.
  Esalen Institute, San Francisco Program: May, 1974.
  Dept. Psychiatry, University of New Mexico (Albuquerque), Week-Long Workshop,  Taos, NM,
    April, 1975.
  Mental Health Professionals, Palo Alto, CA, August, 1975, etc..


Department of Psychiatry, University of Louisville School (UofL) of Medicine, Louisville, KY:
 Grand Rounds:
    The Implications of Postmodernism for Psychiatry. April 14, 1994.
    The History of Modern Psychotherapy. April 23, 1992.
    The Relevance of the Concept of Archetype. June 7, 1990. (Now on website:   ...level2/archetype.htm
    The Role Concept as a Language for Integration in Dynamic Psychology. June 1988.
 Child Psychiatry Grand Rounds:   
    Approaches to Grief Work, May 1988.
    Role Dynamics: An Integrative Theory of Psychology. January,1988.
    Review of Revisions of DSM-III-R, November, 1987.

Current Psychotherapies: A Comparative Overview (course director,  weekly seminar for Fourth Year
   Psychiatric Residents.  Spring semesters, 1990-1993; Fall 1993.

Child Psychopathology. Course Director, 1992-1993; co-director, 1990-1992.
  Topics included: Psychological Aspects of Physical Illness; Psychosomatic Disorders; Defense Mechanisms; Schizoid Disorders and Asperger's Syndrome; etc.

Overview of Transpersonal Psychology., presentation given to seminar on spirituality and psychotherapy. February 15, 1994.

Management of Child Psychiatry Emergencies, orientation lecture to new residents, each July 1988-93.

Psychopharmacology in Children, for 3rd year medical students on child psychiatric services, approximately every 6 weeks.

Historical Implications of Developments in Multiple Personality Disorder,  Discussion of Dr. Jean Goodwin's paper on early detection of MPD,  Department of Psychiatry Grand Rounds, UofL  School of  Medicine, April 1988.

 Other Teaching Roles:
  Supervision of residents regarding child psychiatric emergencies, medical consultations, and psychotherapy
  Presentations to new residents on dealing with child psychiatry emergencies when on call
  Teaching play therapy with children for residents rotating on child psychiatric services
  Lectures on psychodrama, group psychotherapy, principles of family therapy and other subjects for courses coordinated by colleagues.
  Examiner for Mock Boards & Mock Child Psychiatry Boards, 1988-92.

Creativity and Imaginations: A Group Exercise, part of course for medical students, Connections: Mind/Body Interaction, School of Medicine, February 7, 1992.
Understanding Adolescence, Department of Pediatrics Grand Rounds, January 6, 1989.
Cultivating Imagination as a Component of Healing, Behavioral Medicine Seminar, School of Medicine, November 1987.

Psychodramatic Methods in the Creative Arts Therapies (lectures).  Expressive Therapies Department,
  once yearly, 1988-93.

Committees as part of academic life included:
  Arts in Medicine Committee, UofL Medical  School, 1988-present
  Outpatient Treatment/Residency Education Task Force, Spring 1993
  Bingham Clinic Documentation Task Force, Summer-Fall 1993
  Humanities in Medicine Committee, Advisory Board, 1991-92
  Cancer Committee, Kosair Children's Hospital, 1988-1992
  Behavioral Medicine Grant, Advisory Committee, 1991
  Chairman, Utilization Committee, Bingham Clinic, Jan-March, 1988
  Research Task Force, Department of Child Psychiatry, 1987-88
  Curriculum Task Force (Outpatient Services), Spring 1993

Grief Work; (and) Applications of Psychodramatic Methods (two one-day  courses). University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing, Continuing Education, January 1984.

History of Psychotherapy (co-faculty with Professor Mary Crockett). University of Texas School of Nursing, Doctoral Program, Austin, Summer 1983.

Psychosomatic Rounds, University of California Medical School, Family Practice Residency Program, Sonoma County Community Hospital, Santa Rosa, CA, 1978-1979.


The Art of Play: Cultivating Spontaneity and Imagination,  at:
   * Christmas Holiday Program, Omega at the Crossings, Austin, 12/25/03
   * (Staying "Young at Heart.") Recreation program, The Island at Lago Vista, 2/11/95
   * The Governors' School for the Arts Summer Program, June 19 & 23, 1992.
     (Also in 1990, 1991)
   * Business & Professional Women's Club, April 17, 1991.
   * Crescent Hill Methodist Church, November 18, 1991.

Classes & Lectures at Senior University Georgetown (Texas)
    (Planned) Individuality, Sept.-October, 2007.
    Summer Lecture: Shifting Worldviews, June, 2007.
    Social Connectedness. 6 Lectures, February 2007.
    Flourishing: Developing Beyond Mere Normality. 6 lectures, October, 2006
    Summer Lecture: Freethinkers in American History, June, 2006
            Thinking the Unthinkable: Taboo and Oppression, 6 lectures, February, 2006.
             (as part of Psychological Literacy series of lectures.)
    Improvisational & Interactive Drama. Sept-Oct, 2005.
    Summer Lecture: Re-Thinking Health Care Financing. June 9, 2005
    Creating Your Living (six lectures on role playing in everyday life., February, 2005)
    Psychological Literacy. Six session class, (re-presented) October 2004
    Summer Lecture: The Drug War: Can We Afford It?   June 10, 2004
    Disease and History, Six Lectures. Winter-Spring, 2004
    Esoteric Wisdom, Six Lectures, Fall, 2003;
    Summer Lecture: Playing with Your Grandchildren, June 10, 2003;
    The Psychology of Foolishness, 6 lectures, Spring, 2003
  Six Philosophies that Will Be Influential in the 21st Century, Fall, 2002
    A Better Image of God: The Implications of Whitehead’s “Process” Philosophy, June 13, 2002
    The Lore of Writing Systems and Alphabets, Spring, 2002
    The Fine-Tuned Universe  (and) Healing Relationships (2 lectures) June, 2001.
    Role Talk: A User-Friendly Language for Psychology. Lecture, March, 2001.
    The History of Medicine: A Symposium,
      Lectures on the History of Psychiatry and an Overview of Medical History, October, 2000.
    Spring, 2000  “Understanding Psychotherapy.” (Psych Literacy IV)
    Fall, 1999 “Creating Your Living” (Psychological Literacy III) 
    Summer 1999  
    Spring, 1999...
       (1st presented  February-March, 1998; a second series in Sept.-October, 1998,
          and a third series in Sept.-October, 1999,
              along with a repeat of the first series at that time.
                Spring, 2000, a fourth series,

Other Presentations in Sun City and the Community of Georgetown and nearby areas.
– Becoming a Doctor: Talk to middle school class about vocational choice. April 8, 2005

– “Wellderlies:” Secrets for living longer and well in the years ahead. Interagency Council on Aging, Austin, TX,  5/20/2004

A Community With Soul: A series of monthly lectures, Sun City, Georgetown, Texas
  What's New in Psychiatry, 10/97;   New Dimensions of Consciousness Explorations, 11/97.;
  A Community with Soul, 12/97; Eldering, 1/98;
  Empathy: Skills for Interpersonal and Community Effectiveness, 2/98
  The Art of Play, 3/98;  Grief Work, 4/98; Family Relations, 5/98,
  Grandparenting and ADHD Grandchildren; 6/98;  What is Postmodernism? 7/98;
  Telling Your Story, 10/98;  We-Ness. Deepening community, 11/98
  Holiday Pitfalls and Possibilities, 12/98. Expectations and Entitlement, 1/99.
  Individuality, 2/99.  Psychoanalyzing Psychoanalysis, 3/99.
  How to Communicate with Your Physician, 10/00; Nonverbal Communications, 3/01
  Depression–Recognition, Early Treatment, 6/02, 9/02; On Grumpiness, 8/02; Personal Meaning, 9/02.
  On Personal Heroism, 10/02

Grandparenting; and Spiritual Eldering. Presentations at the Senior Issues Conference, “Journey into Maturity,” Georgetown, TX, Oct. 21, 1999, Oct 21, 1998.

Grief Work. A meeting with volunteers at Hospice Austin, Sept. 1, 1999.

Tools for Conflict Resolution, Central Texas Treatment Center, October 9 & 16, 1998

What's Great About Medicine. A talk to the pre-medical group at Southwestern University, March 3, 1998.

“New Ways to Have Fun,” brief article in SR Lifestyles, a monthly newspaper, Sept. 1988.

Process Philosophy, Creativity, and the Human Potential: A discussion of the work of Prof. Charles Hartshorne. Southwest District Spring Conference, Unitarian Universalist Church, April 4, 1997.

Action Methods in Group Work. Group Counseling class at Austin Community College, October 9, 1995.

Introduction to Psychodrama; (and) Metasymbols: The Tree of Life as an Archetypal System (two workshops). Austin Jung Center, October 8, 1994 & March 11, 1995.

The Future of Psychotherapy. The Undergraduate Psychology Club (Psi Chi), University of  Louisville, March 13, 1993

Psychopharmacological and Psychosocial Aspects of Tourette Syndrome,  two presentations (with Bryan Carter, Ph.D.) at the Regional Conference on Tourette Syndrome, Louisville, KY, May 16, 1992.

Dealing with Difficult People. Staff Development Program, Sullivan College, Louisville, April 3, 1992.

On Spontaneity in Medical Writing, presentation to the local chapter of the American Medical Writer's Association, October 18, 1990.

Ways to Play with Children, presentation to the camp counselors of the Louisville Jewish Community Center, June 11, 1990.

Family Forum: A series of three talks at St. Francis in the Fields Episcopal Church: Understanding and Empathy, Skills for Intimacy, and Practical Approaches to Dealing with Grief and Loss, February 4, 11, & 18, 1990

Techniques for Conflict Resolution, Council on Peacemaking and Religion,  Louisville, March 5, 1989.

WAVE TV, Midday Show, interviewed several times each year on various topics relating to children's mental health. Also, special interviews for evening news regarding topical issues,  1987 through 1992.
Strategies for Helping Kids Cope, workshop for school professionals regarding the Kentucky school bus tragedy, August, 1988.

How a Family Can Deal With the Emotional Aspects of Chronic Illness in Children, Kosair Children's Hospital Wee Hearts, self-help support group of parents of children with severe cardiac problems,  January and June 1988.

Helping Families Cope With Tragedy Interview for WAVE TV  special report on the Carrolltown school bus tragedy. May, 1988.

Mental Health and You, WHAS Radio, Let's Talk, December 1987 and May 1988.

Cultivating Spontaneity, Rheumatoid Arthritis Self-Help Group (RASH), Louisville, KY, January 1988.
Halloween and Other Occasions: The Importance of Make Believe, Family Forum,  Springdale Presbyterian Church, Louisville, KY, October 1987.
Mental Illness Awareness Expo, Kentucky Psychiatric Association, October, 1987.

"Multi-Modal Therapy and Action Techniques in Therapy," Austin State Hospital, Staff Development Courses, Summer 1984.
Psychosomatic Rounds, University of California Medical School, Family Practice Residency Program, Sonoma County Community Hospital, Santa Rosa, CA, 1978-1979

Professional and Community Seminars on Parenting Techniques, Stress Management, Professional Burn-Out, History of  Medicine, Reading Disability, Hyperactivity, Treatment  of the Chronically Mentally Ill, etc. 1973-1985.

            ...and others in the 1960s and 1970s


Nominee for Volunteer of Year, GIVE (Georgetown Volunteers Association), May 23, 2002

Co-Founder, Senior University Georgetown, a lifelong learning program for people over 50–1997.
    Board of Directors, 1997-2001.  Curriculum Committee and Program Planning, 1997-Present.

Vice President, Sun City Singers, 2000-2002.  Member, 1998 - present.

SunDancers – Square Dancing & Round Dancing

Square & Round Dancing with Shirts & Skirts.

Organizer, “Singin’ for the Fun of It” Song-fests, several times each year.  (1997-Present)  Compiled Song Books.

Biking, Fitness Center advocate, Encourager of other activities, Clown at Dances
     Computer Club. (Host David’s presentation, May 2000)

Advisory Board, The Crossings: A Learning Center for Human Potentialities. Lake Travis area.2001-2005

Member, Austin International Folk Dancers.

Collaborator, Networking on “Grouptalk” and “International Psychodrama Network” on Internet
   Maintain Website with papers, Photo Directory, etc.

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