(Noting where they can be obtained!)
(Compiled by Adam Blatner, M.D)

(Revised: November 18, 2013) Also, see webpage on this site on Books for Sale for various reprints and, when available, some past issues of the journal or psychodrama books.  Click here for books on drama therapy, playback theatre, expressive therapy and warm-ups
  1. Many of these books may be ordered through the folks who offer the book service at the annual ASGPP (national psychodrama) conferences: Mental Health Resources: 44 West Bridge Street, Catskill, NY 12414. Phone: Toll Free 877-647-0202  ; or locally, 1-518 943-3625.  Or email to:  (They also have a few of the books that are otherwise out of print.)
    These people service our ASGPP conferences and also have a website!    On it you can find many books about psychodrama and drama therapy---at least eighty items, including some past issues of classic psychodrama and sociometry journals,  etc. Check it out! The website books are listed so that the site compares prices with materials available on or  Barnes and
Check with these folks first!! because they may have special sale prices, good deals, and discounts for trainers and teachers.

2. In previous webpages I included prices, but the publishers keep changing the prices (usually upward) so I can't keep up. If you're interested, go to the website of the publisher

3 There are three major publishers that deal with psychodrama books: Jessica Kingsley; Routledge; and Springer Publishing Companies. Also, increasing numbers of books are being published through the self-publishing company, "Lulu."
    a. Those marked by one *asterisk are from Springer Publishing Company.
There are shipping charges for the books, too, more for overseas. But some of these books are available as e-books! . Phone: (212) 431-4370     or toll-free!:  877-687-7476  or email request or inquiry to Customer Service:  or go online at
** Some of the books mentioned below with two asterisks are from Routledge, Brunner/Mazel, or other publishers now operating under the umbrella of or affiliated with the Taylor & Francis company, and may be ordered either through the book service mentioned above or more directly from Taylor and Francis:      Email            Or...  Write to: 7625 Empire Drive, Florence, KY, 41042.   Phone (toll-free) 1-800-634-7064      toll-free fax: 1-800-248-4724. 
    c. *** For Jessica Kingsley Publishers: P.O. Box 960, Herndon, VA 20172.   Toll-free Phone: 1-866-416-1078. Fax:     Email:   Online order:
 (In England, the address of Jessica Kingsley Publishers is: 116 Pentonville Rd., London N1 9JB)
**** Lulu: go to and put in "psychodrama."
*** I've also left in this list some books that are out of print. If you find one in a used book store, let us know and we'll help find a buyer for it.

Adlesberger, E. (2003). On the Traces of Moreno in Vienna. A DVD Video. Dr. Elisabeth Adelsberger  <> has made up a DVD on Traces of Moreno in Vienna: It is about Moreno's life in Vienna and Bad Voslau, the houses where he lived and studied, the park of Augarten where he was acting as a storyteller and playing his first psychodramas with the refugee children from Italy. Interviews with Anne A. Schutzenberger at his honor grave by the city of Vienna. To order: send an email to with the number of copies to order and the exact name and address where to send to. In parallel make a money transfer to the account of Life Forces International, account number 001413253400 at Bank Austria Creditanstalt, IBAN: AT52 1100 0014 1325  3400, SWIFT: BKAUATWW. With the IBAN-code the bank transfer is free of charge within the European Union. Prices including shipment: EUR 30,00 within Europe, EUR 35,00 rest of the world.  Make sure to state the reason for payment and the name of the payer in the money transfer so that we can identify the payment. The DVD will be sent as soon as the money is received.

Baim, Clark; Burmeister, Jorge; & Maciel, Manuela (Eds). (June, 2007). Psychodrama: Advances in theory & practice. London: Routledge.** (This anthology has some of the most current thinking).
Bannister, Anne. (1997). The Healing Drama: Psychodrama and Dramatherapy with Abused Children. 180 pp. pb. $19.50 + $3.50 shp. London: Free Association Books. Available also through NYU Press, 70 Washington Sq. South, New York, NY 10012. Phone: 1-800-996-6987. Or:

Bannister, Anne & Huntington, Annie (Eds.) (2002.) Communicating with Children and Adolescents: Action for Change. (An anthology.) Pb.  $28.95. (£17.95 in UK) London: Jessica Kingsley-***

Bannister, Anne. (2003). Creative Therapies with Traumatized Children. (Pb). $25.95  (£15.95). Jessica Kingsley***.

Blatner, Adam. (1996). Acting-In: Practical Applications of Psychodramatic Methods. (3rd Ed.). 224 pp. paperback (pb), New York: Springer*.      (There is also a 1997 edition of Acting-In from Free Association Books in London with a directory of psychodramatists internationally.) and in Spanish:  rather inexpensively!   Earlier editions---1st, in 1973 and 2nd edition in 1988 are inexpensive and available used through various booksellers of used books.

Blatner, Adam. (2000). Foundations of Psychodrama: History, Theory, and Practice. (4th Ed., extensively revised, updated, expanded.) 304pp., hard cover, Springer * (as above).
       also in Spanish relatively inexpensively! at:   

Blatner, Adam, and Blatner, Allee (1997). The Art of Play: Helping Adults Reclaim Imagination & Spontaneity. (Revised 2nd ed!) 206pp. Out of print. Being revised.    Email me at !

Blatner, Adam (with Daniel J. Wiener) (Eds). (March, 2007). Interactive and Improvisational Drama: Varieties of Applied Theatre and Performances. Lincoln, NE: iUniverse. 408 pp. $25.95 plus shipping. Anthology of over 31 approaches to using drama in community building, education, therapy, personal and group empowerment, and recreation: 

Carnabucci, Karen & Anderson, Ron. (2011)  Integrating Psychodrama And Systemic Constellation Work: New Directions for Action Methods, Mind-Body Therapies and Energy Healing .  London: Jessica Kingsley. ***  6 x 9.25 inches, 192 pages. 

Carnabucci, Karen, & Ciotola, Linda. (2013). Healing eating disorders with psychodrama and other action methods: beyond the silence and the fury. London & Philadelphia: Jessica Kingsley.  242 pg paperback.

Carvalho, Esly (1999). Manual de Psicodrama.  (In Spanish) 100 pages. Contact author.

Casson, John. (2004). Drama, Psychotherapy, and Psychosis: Dramatherapy and Psychodrama with People Who Hear Voices. (Foreword by Zerka Moreno). 284 pg, paperback. London & New York: Brunner/Routledge / Taylor & Francis. 304pg.   **   order from:

Clayton, G. Max. Enhancing Life & Relationships: A Role Training Manual. (1992).
   Living Pictures of the Self: Applications of Role Theory. (1993)
  Effective Group Leadership. (1994)
  Directing Psychodrama: A Training Companion. (1991).110 pp., (All these are Out of Print but I've been trying to encourage those who may own the copyright to get them re-printed.)
Clayton, Max & Carter, Phil. (2004). The Living Spirit of the Psychodramatic Method. 

Condon, Linda. (2003). Warm-up Ring. About 80  4 x 6" cards connected by a big ring. (It's been revised, expanded, so now more than $25.00 + $2 for shipping in USA. (Additional sets with 10 new cards in them cost $10.00 per set). Send check to: 519 25th Avenue N. St. Petersburg, FL  33704. Or telephone: (727)-898-2344.   Or email for more information:

Cossa, Mario. (2005). Rebels with a Cause: Working with Adolescents Using Action Methods. $34.95  (£18.99 in the UK ) + $5   shipping. 208 pg Pb. Jessica Kingsley Publishers. P.O. Box 960, Herndon, VA 20172.   Toll-free Phone: 1-866-416-1078. Email:   Online order:

Cukier, Rosa. (2007). Words from Jacob Levy Moreno. Pb. @520 pages. This compendium-dictionary presents an alphabetical list of Moreno's various definitions and comments on various subjects, along with their source (book, chapter) and page numbers. (Sources in not only in the English, but also sources in Spanish and Portugese; the book was originally published a few years ago in Brazilian Portugese.) It will be useful for scholars.

Cukier, Rosa. (2007). Bipersonal Psychodrama: Its techniques, therapists, and clients. Pb. 142 pg. (in English!). ISBN 978-1-4357-0293-6.   

Cukier, Rosa. (2007).  Emotional Survival: Childhood Pain Re-Lived in the Adult Drama. Morrisville, NC: 220 pg paperback;       Mainly discusses both the depth psychology of trauma and also the way psychodrama can be helpful.

Dayton, Tian. (1990). Drama Games: Techniques for self-development. 220 pg. Health Communications Inc. 3201 SW 15th St., Deerfield Beach, FL 33442-8190    ;   Tel: 1-800- 441-5569 or 1-800-851-9100.  

Dayton, Tian. (1994). The Drama Within: Psychodrama and Experiential Therapy. 269 pg., pb,  HCI (as above)

Dayton, Tian. (2005). The Living Stage: A Step-by-step Guide to Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy. This over 500 (!) page book is chock full of practical exercises, extensive discussion, and addresses many other issues. From HCI (above) as a paperback. Relatively inexpensive!   (ordering from the website adds a discount!)

Dayton, T. (2005). The Process: A Video. This documentary illustrates a psychodrama group, emphasizing some elements of addiction, and other elements commonly addressed in psychodrama groups. $49.95. not available from HCI. .

Djuric, Zoran; Veljkovic, Jasna; & Tomic, Miomir. (2005). Psychodrama: A Beginner's Guide. paperback, 80pp, fully illustrated in color.  London & Philadelphia: Jessica Kingsley. A cartoon-strip-illustrated description of psychodrama, with a somewhat psychoanalytic orientation.

Farmer, Chris. (1995). Psychodrama and Systemic Therapy. 116pp., pb, $23.50 + $3 shp. London: Karnac Books.      Email: In USA: 224 West 20th Street, New York, NY 10011    Tel : 1 212 924 3344

Feasy, Don. (2001). Good Practice in Psychodrama: An Analytic Perspective. London: Whurr Publishers. USA Distributors: Taylor & Francis. $32.95  (See above**).

Figusch, Zoltan (Ed.). (2006). Sambadrama: The Arena of Brazilian Psychodrama. (ISBN 1 84310 363 X  ). 256 pg, pb. $34.95 (in the UK: £19.99). Jessica Kingsley ***.  This is an anthology of papers, some original for this book, by psychodramatists in Brazil.

Figusch, Zoltán  (Zoli) (Ed.)  (2009). From one-to-one psychodrama to large group socio-psychodrama: More writings from the arena of Brazilian psychodrama.  This is the second volume of Brazilian psychodrama writings translated and edited into English by Zoli Figusch. The book focuses on two areas of creative developments introduced by Brazilian psychodramatists. Through theoretical reflection and clinical examples of practice the first part presents the theory and practice of one-to-one psychodrama, that is, psychodrama psychotherapy with an individual client and without auxiliary egos. Part two focuses on the socio-psychodramatic work with large groups and public events gathering great numbers of participants. 263 pages, 6.14" x 9.21", paperback binding, black and white interior ink: $43.02;    or e-book: dowload $25.86.   
Fonseca, José. (2004).  Contemporary Psychodrama: New Approaches to Theory and Technique. Foreword by James M. Sacks. New York: Brunner-Routledge / Taylor & Francis.  208 pg, hb, $60 hardback, ebook** the same.

Fontaine, Pierre. (Ed.). (2001). Psychodrama Training:  A European View (2nd ed.).  Leuven (Belgium): FEPTO Publications (Herestr. 21.  B-3000 Leuven.)

Fox, Jonathan (Ed.). (1987). The Essential Moreno: Writings on Psychodrama, Group Method, and Spontaneity by J.L. Moreno. 264pp. $30.  Tusitala . Re-Issued! (Was out of print and once again available!) To order:   or phone (845) 255-8163.
         Link to books by Fox and others on Playback Theatre
    also from Springer  $70?

Fuhlrodt, Robert L. (Ed.) (1990). Psychodrama: Its Application to ACOA and Substance Abuse Treatment. 125pp.  . Perrin & Treggett Books, 3130 Rt 10 W, Denville, NJ 07834.

Gass, Michael. (1997). Rebuilding Therapy: Overcoming the Past for a More Effective Future. Westport, CT: Praeger. hb, 350 pg, @ $55?

Gershoni, Jacob (Ed.). (2003) Psychodrama in the 21st Century (an anthology).  312 pg, hb: $85. Springer* (see above)

Goldman, Elaine E. & Morrison, Delcy Schram. (1984). Psychodrama: Experience & Process. pb. (Out of Print.)

Goldman, E.E., Morrison, D.C., & Goldman, M.S., (1987). Psychodrama: A Training Video + study guide. Out of print.
   (I'm trying to get her to allow the videotape to be translated into a CD format.)

Gong, Shu. (2004). Yi Shu: the Art of Living with Change: Integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine, Psychodrama and the Creative Arts. (In English). St. Louis, MO: F. E. Robbins & Sons Press.  (ISBN 0-9666168-7-1) Printed in Taiwan by Smiling Action Friends, Corp. 289 pages. $
49.95 for Hard Bound; and $39.95 for soft cover. It includes 80 colored pictures. Plus postage and handling $5.00 U.S. for shipping within the USA. (Other countries vary adding to extra postage). Send the exact amount of the cost of the book plus postage and handling charges in a cashier's check or money order in US dollars to Gong Shu, 7332 Princeton Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63130, USA. Or see website:
   Or e-mail Gong Shu at for information regarding Yi Shu before the web page
“Group” Journal (December 2009) devoted to articles on Psychodrama: Available on Amazon

Hale, Ann E. (1985) Conducting Clinical Sociometric Explorations: a manual for psychodramatists and sociometrists. Roanoke, VA, Royal Publishing Co.  Available Toronto Centre for Psychodrama and Sociometry, Cost: $60 Canadian Dollars, shipping to US, add $12, shipping internationally, add $20.
order from  or call (905) 844-2492. Visa/MC
Hale, Ann E. and Donna Little (2005) Sociometric Processing of Action Events,  rev ed  Toronto, TCPS.  Available $30CD, shipping to US, $12CD and internatioanlly $20.  Order from Visa/MC

Hare, A. Paul, & Hare, June Rabson. (1996). J.L. Moreno. (Part of a series, "Key Figures in Psychotherapy"). 160 pp. £10.95 paper, £25 hardback. London: Sage Publications, 6 Bonhhill Street, London EC2A 4PU. or: Sage Publications, 2455 Teller Rd., Thousand Oaks, CA 91320.  Email:

Haskell, Martin R. (1975). Socioanalysis: Self-Direction via Sociometry & Psychodrama. 298 pp, hb, **** (Out of Print.)

Haworth, Peter. (2009). DVD: Moving into Action: See

Hayden-Seman, Joyce. (1998). Action Modality Couples Therapy: Using Psychodramatic Techniques in Helping Troubled Relationships. Hb, $40, + 3.95 (shipping). Jason Aronson, Inc., 400 Keystone Industrial Park, Dunmore, PA 18512; or call: 1-800-782-0015
Hoey, Bernadette. (1997). Who Calls the Tune? A Psychodramatic Approach to Child Therapy. 168 pages. pb. $33.95; hardback, $100. Plus Shipping**  Routledge-Taylor & Francis**(See above).

Hollander, Carl. (1980s?). Monographs:  (1): A Process for Psychodrama Training: The Hollander Psychodrama  Curve (1968), 20 pp.  (2): Psychodrama, Role Playing and Sociometry: Living and Learning  Processes, @ 80 pp.  (3):A Guide to Auxiliary Ego Development, 19 pp.; and (4):An Introduction to Sociogram Construction, 20 pp.   @ $5 each. plus $ 1 postage each, to Dr. Erica Hollander, 10561 Sandstone Run, Littleton, CO 80125-9258. email

Hollander, Carl. (1998). The Warm-up Box (3rd ed.). 150 different group warm-up exercises on 3 x 5" cards for psychodrama groups, group therapy, educational groups, counseling groups, church and community groups.The exercises are indexed according to the degree of social cohesion in the group so the exercise suits the group. Send $50 (which includes shipping in the USA) to Dr. Erica Hollander, 10561 Sandstone Run, Littleton, CO 80125-9258.  If you want more information or to learn cost of shipping overseas, call 303 978 9091 or email

Holmes, Paul. (1992). The Inner World Outside: Object Relations Theory and Psychodrama. London & New York: Routledge. (Unavailable; Out of Print****)

Holmes, Paul, & Karp, Marcia (Eds.) (1991). Psychodrama: Inspiration & Technique. 263 pp., Routledge (out of print.****)

Holmes, Paul; Karp, Marcia; & Watson, Michael (Eds.) (1994). Psychodrama Since Moreno: Innovations in Theory and Practice. pb, $37.95 pb. ($100.00 hb). 328 pages, Routledge-Taylor & Francis, as above.   Also available from     

Holmes, P., Farrall, M. & Kirk. K. (Eds.) (2014) Empowering Practice: Integrating Psychodrama with other Therapies. London: Jessica Kingsley.

Hudgins, M. Katherine. (2002). Experiential Treatment for PTSD:  The Therapeutic Spiral Model.  New  York: Springer. 240 pg. pb,   Springer.*

Hudgins, M. Katherine; Culbertson, Roberta; & Hug, Ed. (2009). Action against trauma: a training manual. 100 pg. $ 5.75 plus shipping.   

Hudgins, Kate & Toscani, Francesca (Eds.). (2013). Healing world trauma with the Therapeutic Spiral Model: psychodramatic stories from the frontlines. London & Philadelphia. Jessica Kingsley. This is an anthology: 364 pp. Foreword by Adam Blatner.

Karp, Marcia; Holmes, Paul; & Bradshaw-Tauvon, Kate (Eds.) (1998). Handbook of Psychodrama. 323 pg.  Routledge-Taylor & Francis as above.**

Kellermann, Peter Felix. (1992). Focus on Psychodrama: The Therapeutic Aspects of Psychodrama. pb, 195 pp.  (In the UK, £17.96) pb. Jessica Kingsley (as above***.) or email:

Kellermann, Peter Felix, & Hudgins, M. Katherine (Eds). (2000). Psychodrama with Trauma Survivors: Acting Out Your Pain. London: Jessica Kingsley. 308 pgs, pb., ***.

Kellermann, Peter Felix. (2007). Sociodrama and Collective Trauma. London: Jessica Kingsley. *** 208 pages, paperback.   £18.99, $29.95

Kipper, David A. (1986). Psychotherapy Through Clinical Role Playing. 400 pp.$60.00 hb. Brunner/ Routledge - Taylor&Francis, as above**.

Klein, Tobi. (2012). DVD: Psychodrama Unmasked: essential tools and techniques. 1hr 20 min.

Knittel, Marvin. (2009). Counseling and Drama: Psychodrama a Deux.  6" x 9", 106 pg, pb;   $15.99  (also in e-book format):

Krall, Hannes; Fürst, Jutta: & Fontaine, Pierre (Eds.). (2012). Supervision in Psychodrama: Experiential Learning in Psychotherapy and Training.  (Springer VS, 2012, 280 pages)  will be available beginning of September, 2012. Many experienced psychorama trainers and supervisors contributed to this book. It gives an interesting overview of supervision in psychodrama training in various countries. 34,95.- Euro. 

Leveton, Eva. (2001). A Clinician's Guide to Psychodrama (3rd ed.). 188 pp., Springer *.

Leveton, Eva. (Ed.) (2010). Healing Collective Trauma Using Sociodrama and Drama Therapy. pb: 291 pg. Springer.* (Anthology)*

Maida, Marco. (2003). Jacob Levy Moreno: His life and his muses. A Video, 40 minutes. [Product: video tape (VHS/NTSC) ou VCD (NTSC) ]..

Marineau, Rene' F. (1989). Jacob Levi Moreno, 1889-1974. (A Biography) 214 pp., Routledge. (out of print***)

Marineau, R. F. (2003). Videos of old J. L Moreno Film Clips. 4 Video VHR Casettes:
    1:  Spontaneity training and role training (around 1933) + Introduction to psychodrama (1942).
    2.  Psychodrama of a marriage (1948), dramatized and re-played case originally treated in 1939.
    3.  Future projection and spontaneity tests, California, early 1960s, with Zerka as auxiliary.
    4.  Psychodrama with a couple: France, 1964, demonstration.
               26.95 US$, and 95.95 for the set of four; also available in DVD: price to be determined
         MHR Book Service (See top) Email:

Miller, Connie. (2007). Souldrama: A journey into the heart of God. (4th ed.). 183 pg, 8 1/2 x 11. (ID 276002). Available from author for $38 in USA---for international prices, check with author:   Also, a DVD, Songs for Souldrama, for $18 including shipping costs.  Email to:, or tel:  1-800-821-9919. Send checks to: Connie Miller, c/o Spring Lake Heights Counseling Center, 620 Shore Rd., Spring Lake Heights, NJ 07762.

Miller, Connie. (2010). Starve the ego: feed the soul! Souldrama: Ignite your spiritual intelligence. pb: @210 pg. 7 x 5".  publisher: ID 6390589  $24.99
Miller, Donell. (2001). Teens Connected with the Self. @250 pg., $25.  (see below).*
-- (2001) Catharsis and closure (2nd ed.).  @250 pg., $25.
-- (2001) Teens connect with adults.* @280 pg., $25
-- (2002) Changing the past.(2nd ed.)* (@125 pg., $20
-- (1998) Celebrating Role Transition Through Psychodrama. (2nd ed.) * @150 pg, $20
-- (1996) The 28 Plot System for Psychodrama. out of print,--- see 2009 24-story model.
-- (1997). The Presence in Psychodrama. (106 pg.) $20
-- (1998). Doers of the word: Introducing bibliodrama. * 181pg $25
-- (2002) The parable sampler. (About Bibliodrama.) 82 pg. $15.
-- (1999). The parables of Jesus: A creative resource for Bibliodrama. @200 pg.  $20.
-- (1997) Collision Course. (a mystery novel as vehicle for introducing psychodrama.) 200pg, $20
-- (2002) As depression fades. @250 pg. $25
-- (2010) Directing psychodrama: show and tell (2nd ed.). @100pg. $30
-- (2002) Bibliodrama of Job  @        $20
-- (2001) Enough is enough, what next? (case studies in psychodrama mainly with teenagers). @$15.
-- (2010)  A 24-story model for psychodrama directors: affect guides to strategy options.  @ 8 1/2 x 11. 128 pg.,  $30.
-- (2010) Running on empty. (A novel). Has 3 psychodramas within the story.. @  $ 25
-- (2010) Dead in the water. (A novel set in Europe). Has psychodrama concepts in it.  @ $25 not including shipping.
         These are 5 1/2 x 8" comb-bound books;  cost plus $3.95 shipping for 1st 2 books in the USA..  They are available from the address below. Also, reprints of a number of the original Moreno-published Beacon House books and even some originals still in stock, available from: Beacon Reminders Psychodramas and Pastoral Services, 1610 Helena Lane, Redlands, CA 92373. (909) 798-2765.
  Or email:

Minkin, Rosalie. (2013). Sociodrama for our time: a sociodrama manual.

Moreno, J. L. (1923, 2010). The theatre of spontaneity. Re-formatted and back in print, available as an e-book at    (Book published by Zoli Figusch and others associated with the North-West (England) Psychodrama Association.)   paperback, about $38 plus postage.

Moreno, J. L. (1931, 2010). Impromptu  (A collection of journals). pb 66 pages. 

(Book published by Zoli Figusch and others associated with the North-West (England) Psychodrama Association.)   paperback, about $32 plus postage.

J.L. Moreno – The Words of the Father (1941? revised edition):

This book, together with the other titles is available in both printed and download format on or at the following link:

Also available in this series from the Northwest (UK) psychodrama, edited by Zoli Figusch, are Moreno's "The Theatre of Spontaneity"; Impromptu – Edited by J.L. Moreno (also noted above); and others. google lulu and psychodrama. They keep adding new ones.

J.L. Moreno, Zerka T, Moreno and Jonathan Moreno – The First Psychodramatic Family:

Moreno, J. L. (1934, 1953,1978)  Who Shall Survive? Foundations of Sociometry, Group Psychotherapy and Sociodrama. Beacon, New York, Beacon House. A "Student edition" with selections by Moreno prior to his death, edited by Ann E. Hale and first published by ASGPP, in 1993. This classic work on sociometry is now available from the ASGPP for $37.50 Hardbound, $27.50 paperback. Send your order with payment to: ASGPP  //  301 N. Harrison Street, Suite 508  // Princeton, NJ 08540.  Add: Shipping & Handling:  $2.00 for the First Book, and another $1.00 for Each Additional Book. For foreign Shipping & Handling:  Fax Order Form for Rates to (732) 605-7033.  All orders must be prepaid.  Books will be shipped 4th-Class Book Rate in USA.
      (Also, great news! The 2nd edition 1953 text has now been scanned-on and may be found at   !!)

Moreno made some movies of his work between the mid-1930s and the 1960s, and these were found and turned into videos over ten years ago; and now have digitized and are available in DVD format both for private use and for use in the classroom. They are available from:

Moreno, J.L. (1963). "The Words of the Father." Now on an Audio CD: @38 minutes. This refers not to his book, but rather to a more abbreviated treatment, a talk by Moreno and his reading some of his poems. It was originally a vinyl recording, but now has been digitized and is available as a CD (compact disc). (This recording in 1963 in New York City has J. L. Moreno himself reading from his theological writings, "The Words of the Father." Created in a rented sound studio, it also featured Walter Klavun, a Broadway and Film actor at the time--who also was involved in psychodrama--who did the intro and a brief interview.) The first part of the CD is about 20 minutes long and has Moreno speaking about his ideas. In the second track /section Moreno reads selections from his inspired theological poems (written originally around 1913-1917) and titled (in German) "Das Testament des Vaters." Later he re-published (in 1941, and then again in paperback in 1971) as "The Words of the Father." For a while in the 1970s it was for sale from the ASGPP or Beacon House--I forget which.  Interestingly, Moreno's interview for this record was also transcribed and published separately as a chapter by Moreno in an anthology about spirituality and psychotherapy. This CD and a copy of the chapter/interview is now available from Mr. Greg Tomeoni in Berkeley (he works at one of those copy-duplicating stores) (email: This CD has been now discounted by 60% and is available for only Six Dollars ($6.00) ! To order, send a check---but first inquire by emailing what the extra cost of postage and handling to where you live. Checks on US banks made out to "Copy Central"--mark that it's for Moreno book--and mail it to – c/o Greg Tomeoni, Copy Central, 1553 Solano Ave Berkeley, Ca 94707.  or if you would like to pay with Visa, Mastercharge, you can fax the order along with credit card info to 510-526-6218 Attn: JL Moreno Order     For further information: at:  choose "Search for Course"  then "Moreno Study Group" ... 

       (There's also an audiocassette). $10 (from MHR*)  Also, available from Beacon Reminders.. (Donell Miller) see above.

Moreno, J.L. (1946-1969). Psychodrama, Vol.1, 2 & 3 (last two with Z. T. Moreno). Plus monographs, and early journals. (A few complete sets), and journals in the 1970s, which are some of the richest in content! @$12/ volume but discount for buying in bulk.. Available from Donell Miller (see above.)    (909) 798-2765..
     Also, Vol 1 pubished by ASGPP: Psychodrama & Group Psychotherapy: First Volume. by J.L. Moreno. This volume contains a number of Moreno¹s early philosophical papers, many of them translated from the original German.  In addition, there are discussions of spontaneity theory, child development theory, role theory, psychodrama, sociodrama and other topics. Paperback, $27.50.  See info above from ASGPP for Who Shall Survive?   Volumes 2 & 3 now available from

Also, reprints of a number of the original Moreno-published Beacon House books and even some originals still in stock, available from available from: Beacon Reminders Psychodramas and Pastoral Services, 1610 Helena Lane, Redlands, CA 92373. (909) 798-2765.  

Moreno, J.L.  (1989). The Autobiography of JL Moreno M.D. (Abridged) Edited by Jonathan Moreno. Includes several photos not widely available elsewhere, a small vignette by Lew Yablonsky remembering his years with Dr. Moreno; 126 Pages6½” x 9". Now re-published in 2011 by the Northwestern Psychodrama Institute in the UK and available from

Moreno, J. L. (1959, 2007). Gruppenpsychotherapie und Psychodrama. (In German, 6th edition.). (Foreword by Grete Leutz, M.D.) This is the only book, Moreno wrote in German after he emigrated to the USA in 1925. It was published by Georg Thieme Verlag in Stuttgart in 1959 and was reprinted in 1973, 1988, 1993, 1997 and now is in its 6th printing. This book was also translated and published in French in 1965, in Spanish in 1966, and in Potuguese in 1974. The book is a compilation of a variety of Moreno's writings from his earlier years and middle period, including parts and sociograms from Who Shall Survive?; a history of the group therapy movement up to 1959; and, in the introduction, an interesting account of his philosophic-anthropological thought.
    The book can be ordered by Phone: 0049-711/8931-906 , by FAX: 0049-711/ 8931-901, via email at  or on website at    Cost around   € 60.-  i.e. $ 100.

Moreno, Joseph. (1999). Acting Your Inner Music: Music Therapy & Psychodrama. Barcelona Publishers, 4 White Brook Road, Gilsum NH, 03448. (About $23). Telephone 800-345-6665 or online:

Moreno, Zerka T. (@1972, republished in '93). Love Songs to Life: Poems.This book of poems was a generous gift from Mrs. Moreno to the ASGPP.  This publication includes additional poems written earlier and in the interval of the first printing; the proceeds from the book sales are contributed to the ASGPP Publications Fund.  Paperback $20.00. Order from ASGPP--see Who Shall Survive (above).

Moreno, Zerka T., Blomkvist, Leif Dag, & Rützel, Thomas. (2000). Psychodrama, Surplus Reality, and the Art of Healing. $62.95. Hardcover only.150 pages. Routledge-Taylor & Francis (**see above.) Tel: 800.634.7064 ;  fax: 800.248.4724. or email:

Moreno, Z. T., Horvatin, Toni & Schreiber, Edward (Eds). (2006). The Quintessential Zerka: Writings by Zerka Toeman Moreno on Psychodrama, Sociometry & Group Psychotherapy. 296 pg. hb: $52. London & New York: Routledge. **

Moreno, Zerka. (2012). To Dream Again (a memoir). Now available at

Moreno, Zerka: Three Training DVDs!  The Zerka T. Moreno Series by  Issued @ September, 2007! Finally, you have the chance to see the legendary Trainer, Educator, and Practioner Zerka T. Moreno in action demonstrating psychodrama and discussing her life and work. Directed by Ed Schreiber, EdD (Co-director of The Moreno Institute East), and filmed in 2006, this 3-DVD series captures Zerka still amazingly vital at the age of 91.
    DVD 1: Psychodrama in Action: shows Zerka masterfully conducting an actual psychodrama session with a group of experienced psychodrama practitioners. The protagonist “Frank” has been having great difficulty completing his doctoral thesis on psychodrama. Zerka directs him in several powerful scenes, including role reversals with his thesis as well as with his grandfather. Interspersed throughout is voiceover commentary from Zerka explaining her thoughts and rationale for her interventions. This video is certain to become a classic in the field for years to come. 1 hrs. 27 min.  $69.00  (for individual viewing). Price for institutional/instructors see below:)
    DVD2: Zerka on Psychodrama: an interview with Zerka conducted by Adam Barcroft, MS, Co-Director of The Moreno Institute East. In this candid conversation, Zerka outlines what we need to know about psychodrama. She goes into depth on the instruments of a psychodrama including the director, the protagonist, the auxiliary ego and the stage, as well as important tools and terms including doubling, role reversal and surplus reality. She also engages us on the origins and theory behind psychodrama, the basics of sociometry, her entrée into the practice and her role as director.DVD 1 hrs. 8 min.  $49.00
    DVD3: Psychodrama, Sociometry and Beyond: an extended interview by a panel of experienced psychodrama practitioners. Zerka delves further into sociometry, using psychodrama in other cultures, and more. Comes with a bonus track of a full-length interview by Victor Yalom, PhD.
Beyond     DVD   $49.00 .      (Order full set of 3 DVDs Licensed for Individual viewing only: $149.00)
  Institutional/Instructor's Versions — Licensed for classroom use, group viewing and training purposes: Psychodrama in Action DVD 1 , $169.00; DVD2:  $149.00; DVD3:  $149.00 ; Set of all 3 Zerka Volumes (Save $68!)     DVD   $399.00 )

Nolte, John. (2008). The Psychodrama Papers. This book contains 15 papers written or co-authored by John Nolte over his long career as a psychodramatist. The topics range from practical suggestions for psychodramatic practitioners to the theoretical-philosophical aspects of psychodrama and of J. L. Moreno, originator of the psychodramatic method. Available both in print and as electronic download.  More information and online purchase at:

Pitzele, Peter. (1995). Our Fathers' Wells: a Personal Encounter With The Myths of Genesis. San Francisco: HarperSanfrancisco. hb $22. 10 E 53rd St, New York, NY 10032.

Pitzele, Peter. (1998). Scripture Windows. (The practice of bibliodrama.) Los Angeles: Alef Design Group. pb $16.95. 249 pages, 4423 Fruitland Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90058. Telephone (800) 845-0662, Fax (213) 585-0327.    email:
(Playback Theatre Link)

Raimundo, Carlos. (2002): Relationship Capital: True success through coaching and managing relationships in business and life.  Australia: Pearson Education. Pb, 220 pg, @$20 US dollars.  (Australian dollars: @$45) (Also on or email to: 

Razza, Nancy J. & Tomasulo, Daniel Jl. (August, 2004): Healing trauma: the power of group treatment for people with intellectual disabilities. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association Press. 240 pg hb, $49.95. Can order from   or telephone 1-800 374-2721 . 

Ridge, Rebecca M. (2009). The body alchemy of psychodrama. Minneapolis: BRIObooks. $29.95 +shipping:

Roine, Eva. (1997). Psychodrama: Group Psychotherapy as Experimental Theatre. 224pg. pb. $34.95 (in the UK: £19.95). Jessica Kingsley***

Rowe, Nick. (2007). Playing the other: Dramatizing personal narratives in Playback Theatre. 224pp. pb. Philadelphia: Jessica Kingsley***. $35. plus shipping.

Scategni, Wilma. (2002). Psychodrama, group processes and dreams: Archetypal images of individuation. (Translated from the Italian). New York: Brunner-Routledge/Taylor & Francis**(see above). $70 and is 192pp., ebook same price.

Scheiffele, Eberhard. (2007).
THE THEATRE OF TRUTH: Psychodrama, Spontaneity and Improvisation: The Theatrical Theories and Influences of Jacob Moreno.
   $29.95 plus shipping. Kindle edition $18.99.    Also available through  
(332 pages, including 19 pages of German and English references, chronology)

Starr, Adaline. (1977). Rehearsal for life: Psychodrama. Chicago: Nelson-Hall. (out of print****)

Stephenson, Craig E. (Ed.) (2014). Jung and Moreno: Essays on the Theatre of Human Nature. London & New York: Routledge.

Stietzel, Lynne D. & Hughey, Andrew R. (1994). Empowerment through spontaneity: A taste of psychodrama. San Jose, CA: Associates for Community Interaction. (5667 Snell Ave Ste 178, San Jose, CA 95123. (1-408-578-1360). 165 pp.

Sternberg, Patricia, & Garcia, Antonina. (2000). Sociodrama: Who's in Your Shoes? (2nd ed.) 224pp., pb, , Greenwood Publishers 88 Post Road West PO Box 5007, Westport, CT 06881 Tel: 1-800-474-4329

Swenson, Eva. (2007). Sociometric Processing "Dance Cards."  These are aids to the use of a sociometric technique in which, in dyads, participants can be systematically helped to connect with others for feedback discussions. This technique was described by Eva in an article in the Fall 2006 issue of the Journal of Group Psychotherapy, Psychodrama and Sociometry, and is an aid in teaching about sociometry or exploring group dynamics. The "dance cards" technique is best used for groups that include anywhere from 5 to 30 participants, and the CD offers a variety of options, thus permitting you to wait until you know the exact number of people in the anticipated group session. The "cards" may be taken off of a ready-to-print CD-ROM, produced and available from Eva Swenson in Canada. It is available for $20 + postage. To order a copy, send an email to or phone 416-767-9991. She'll work out the postage for your address.

Tomasulo, Daniel J. (1998). Action Methods in Group Psychotherapy: Practical Aspects. 176pp. . Accelerated Development- Taylor & Francis. (**address above) or email:

Torrance, E. Paul, Murdock, Mary; & Fletcher, David C. (1996). Creative problem solving through role playing. Clubview, South Africa: Benedic Books. (out of print****)

Verhofstadt-Denève, Leni. (1999). Theory and Practice of Action and Drama Techniques: Developmental Psychotherapy from an Existential-Dialectical Viewpoint. 250 pg, pb.    (In the UK ) Jessica Kingsley***

White, Elizabeth. (2002). The Action Manual: Techniques to Enliven Group Process and Individual Counseling. 200 pages. Send $40? (US dollars or in Canadian Dollars), includes shipping, to author: Liz White, 25 Keewatin Ave, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M4P 1Z9 or email for information to    People can also order the book with credit card on my website which is

White, Elizabeth (Liz) (2011). Still Lfe: A therapist's Responses to the challenge of change. Toronto. See above for website.

Wiener, Ron; Adderly, Di; & Kirk, Kate (Eds.). (March 2011). Sociodrama in a changing world.  This is an international anthology!
Table of Contents      This 360+ page paperback book is available from Lulu or Amazon for about $35.

Wieser, Michael (Ed.)  (2013
and continuing to be updated)). Bibliography of psychodrama: Inception to date. (This bibliography was begun by Dr. James M. Sacks along with M. Bilaniuk & J. M. Gendron in the 1970s, expanded in the 1990s to a CD-ROM, and then put up on the internet, where it is available FREE to all!  . The editorship was given over to Dr. Wieser in Austria around 2005. It has been expanded from around 2000 items in the 1990s to over 7000 items more recently, dating from Moreno's first publications. Titles in foreign languages all have English translations. It works equally well on PC's and Macs. With the help of Tom Treadwell, this website was re-created a decade or so aga with a search function!

Wilkins, Paul. (1999). Psychodrama. Sage Publishing. 155 pages, paper, @6x9",  Sage Publications, 2455 Teller Rd., Thousand Oaks, CA 91320. Email:

Williams, Antony. (1989). The Passionate Technique: Strategic Psychodrama with Individuals, Families, and Groups. 240pp.,Routledge (as above). (out of print****)

Williams, Antony. (1991). Forbidden Agendas: Strategic Action in Groups. 190pp. London/New York: Tavistock/Routledge (out of print****)

Williams, Antony. (1995). Visual & Active Supervision. 286pp. clothbound. New York: Norton. Out of print but might be available.

Yablonsky, Lewis. (2012). Psychodrama. (a classic;. Originally 1976, from Basic Books, then 1981 from Gardner Press; then 1992 from Brunner/Mazel. Recently republished from Copy Central, Berkeley. 


The Journal of Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy  (note slight but definite change in the title!) has resumed publication as the official journal of the American Society for Group Psychotherapy & Psychodrama (ASGPP)---arguably the first journal about group psychotherapy, founded in 1942---. Its publisher now is Mental Health Resources, the group that also has managed the book service for our conference for several decades!
      This journal has had the sequence of its key fields changed in its title to reflect its primary commitments. It used to be called 
The Journal of Group Psychotherapy, Psychodrama & Sociometry 1981-2006) (with a brief interval from 1997 through 2003 when it was titled: The International Journal of Action Methods: Psychodrama, Skill Training & Role Playing (Abbreviated as IJAM). Then it returned to its earlier title. Its publisher during that era, HELDREF, ceased production from its publisher as of 2006.  However, there may be back issues in your local university library, or they can obtain them from other libraries.  (Now out of print: Check your local university library: )
       (Or contact for subscription to At present the plan is to publish one issue a year and this is included in membership in ASGPP., 301 North Harrison St, Ste 508, Princeton, NJ 08540.) 
     So, to say again, the journal was not published between 2007 - 2010 but in the Fall of 2010 has recommenced as an annual publication with a slightly different name.
You are encouraged to send in papers for consideration for publication to

Also, reprints of a number of the original Moreno-published Beacon House Publishing Company Journals are available from
: Beacon Reminders Psychodramas, 1610 Helena Lane, Redlands, CA 92373. (909) 798-2765.
The Arts in Psychotherapy: An International Journal. Elsevier Science, $119.00. PO Box 945, New York, NY 10159-0945     Toll Free Phone  888-437-4636     or go to

The Brazilian Psychodrama Journal, published by the Brazilian Federation of Psychodrama (FEBRAP), in Portugese. (Only a short Abstract of each article is translated to English. Any information can be requested at The editor is Devanir Merengue –

The British Journal of Psychodrama and Sociodrama
. Subscriptions can be obtained through James Scanlon, The Administrator, Flat 1/1, 105 Hyndland Road, Glasgow G12 9JD,Scotland or email:  or check British Psychodrama association website:

Australian and New Zealand Psychodrama Association Journal
-- available by writing Jennifer Hutt, 36 Woolhouse Street, Northcote, Melbourne, Victoria 3070, AUSTRALIA; or email    Cost Australian  Back issues now online? 

Psicodramma Classico
(Journal of the Italian Psychodramatists Association [AIPsiM]. Abstracts can be found on    Editor: Paola de Leonardis email:

Psicodrama: Revista da Sociedade Portuguesa de Psicodrama
, begun in 1994: Director: António Roma Torres, Rua dos Bragas, 54 - 1ºDtº , 4000 Porto , Portugal.

Zeitschrift für PsychoDrama und Soziometrie
. (German).  Editors: Dr. Ulrike Fangauf & Prof. Dr. Franz Stimmer. For information, email to:   or go to
  Back issues are on-line: go to the publisher:;do=viewmag/sid=199693802149b67f3874584137353192/site=zsps/lng=de/area=coa   (This journal's articles are in German, but they do have abstracts in English.)   From there, you can go to the "Archiv" and read German and English abstracts to each article. It is possible to purchase single articles (in German) for 10 Euro. There also is an online subcription for 34 Euros as well as a print+online subcription for 94 Euros.

PsychoDrama: Zeitschrift für Theorie und Praxis
. (German). Editor: Ulf Klein inScenario Verlag, Burgstrasse 67, D-51103 Köln, Germany. *** (out of print?)

Psicodrama enl la Universidad, I & II.  Two anthologies with papers written by various psychodramatists, in Spanish, edited by Cristina Elisa Moreira, put up on Monica Zuretti's website:   available free by clicking on publicaciones, each around 200+ pages!  They're working on a third book, too. This is a very generous contribution!

The new website for the Federation of European Psychodrama Training Organizations (FEPTO) has a listing of books (with photos of covers!) : See:     More, there are surprising number of books in other languages about psychodrama: Click on the little flags in the lower left corner to see lists of books plus pictures of book covers in German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Turkish!!!

Ukranian Journal of Psychodrama: Editor: Pavel Gornostay

Relatively Recent Publications in Germany and Related Countries:

von Ameln, Falko; Ruth Gerstmann, Klaus Kramer. (2004). Psychodrama. 560 pages, (reprinted 2005), Springer Medizin Verlag, ISBN 3-540-00872-1

Fürst, Jutta; Klaus Ottomeyer, & Hildegard Pruckner (Eds.). (2004). Psychodrama-Therapie. Ein Handbuch. 470 pages, 2004, Facultas Verlag, Wien (Vienna).
Adam Blatner's comment: Both books are now the main teaching books in Germany and Austria. What's missing are good books on psychodrama in business & consulting.

For more books please check the online-shop of,

Buer, Ferdinand (Hrsg.) (2001): Praxis der psychodramatischen Supervision. Ein Handbuch. Opladen: Leske + Budrich.

Fürst, Jutta, Ottomeyer, Klaus, Pruckner, Hildegard (2004): Psychodramatherapie. Ein Handbuch. Wien: Facultas Verlag.

Hutter, Christoph (2000): Psychodrama als experimentelle Theologie. Münster: LIT-Verlag.

Pruckner, Hildegard (2001): Das spiel ist der Königsweg der Kinder. Psychodrama, Soziometrie und Rollenspiel mit Kindern. München: inscenario Verlag.

Schacht, Michael (2003). Spontaneität und Begegnung. Zur Persönlichkeitsentwicklung aus der Sicht des Psychodramas. München:  inscenario Verlag.  (ISBN 3-929296-13-6)   A summary of the author’s work on developmental theory with an emphasis on the dynamics of spontaneity-creativity.

Von Ameln, F., Gerstmann, R., Kramer, J. (2004): Psychodrama. Berlin: Springer.
... many others in last decade...

Also, many books on the related field of drama therapy have ideas that are often relevant to psychodramatists and vice versa. Another page on this website has information about this: Click here for the link to drama therapy books..   

Chapters on Psychodrama:

Blatner, A. (2007). Psychodrama (Chapter 13). In R. J. Corsini & Danny Wedding (Eds). Current Psychotherapies (7th ed.). Belmont, CA: Thomson Brooks/Cole. (Now updated to 2007 and posted elsewhere on this website.  

Corey, G. (2008). Theory and practice of group counseling (7th Ed.). (Chapter 8 on psychodrama, pp. 185-215). Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole-Thomson. (good review, and how to integrate it with other approaches).

Duffy, T.K. (2007?). Chapter 6: Psychodrama (?pp.200-240). In A. Strozier & J. Carpenter (Eds.) Introduction to Complementary and Alternative Therapies. Binghamton, NY: Haworth Press. pb: $42.95; hb: $69.95. About 340 pages. Other chapters (about 40 pages each) address Mindfulness and Meditation; Spirituality; Poetry Therapy; Art Therapy; Dance/Movement Therapy; Music Therapy; Animal-Assisted Therapy; and Touch herapy, as well as noting additional resources.  

Hudgins, M.K. (1998). Experiential psychodrama with sexual trauma. In S.Greenberg, J.C.Watson, & G.Lietaer, (Eds.). Handbook of Experiential Psychotherapy, (pp. 328-348). New York: Guilford Press.

Karp, Marcia. 2011. free description on YouTube:

Blatner, A. (2002). Psychodrama. In: Play Therapy with Adults, edited by Charles E. Schaefer, Ph.D. (An anthology) (also has chapters on Drama Therapy, Improvisational Play in Couples Therapy,  and about 12 others--in sections on therapeutic humor, sand play, doll play, adult group play, hypno-play, etc. John Wiley & Sons  ISBN   0-471-13959-9   408 pages,  $46.75 (includes a 15% discount) to order, call 1-877-762-2974  (and refer to promo code 3-4108 for special publication price!)
... as well as several chapters by Adam Blatner in various books.

** Say, if you find any of the out of print books in your local used book stores, buy them and tell others about them over the internet, on one of the listserves. Remember, there are people out there who want these! Or if you know anyone who's retiring from the field, ask them if they would be willing to share their books with new students or trainers.For responses, email me at         Return to top